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Expressed with gratitude


Following my surgery and initial rehab, I was fearful about the next step, which would be my first real step, in my road to recovery. Then I spoke on the phone with Donna and Through her kindness, found the courage and strength to go home. Subsequently and continuously, through her efforts and those of Daisy, Jodi, John, Arnold, and Saud I have found the courage, the knowledge and the strength to begin and achieve the ability to heal . My injury was catastrophic and very painful, but with their help and support I have learned the proper way to rediscover wellness.


I am taking this opportunity now to thank your organization and it's remarkable staff of caregivers for the compassion and healing energy that they have shared with me.

Patient D. D. 

Yarnell, AZ

The Restorers

Donna, Daisy, Jodi, Arnold, John, Saud

Diversified, meticulous,
Each one did touch my soul.
Like angels, through their caring,
They helped me reach each goal. 


Therapists and healers,
They understood my pain,
Then shared a knowledge uncompared,
As wellness I did gain. 

T’was then I rediscovered,
The person that I’d been.
Carried by their energy,
Pure health did new begin.

A nurse, an aid and therapists,
Each carried me through time,
What once seemed so ridiculous,
Their efforts made sublime.

And then one day, I’m walking,
Cooking, feeling fine.
My house is cleaner than before,
I've bathed, by their design

I understand the consequence,
Of life and death and choice,
Acknowledging that I can choose,
When last to hear my voice.

For when Homebound, they gave to me,
True dignity, respect. 
Then healed those things most fearful,
Did never, me neglect.

These “Restorers” and true guardians,
Did resurrect and heal. 
Sharing life’s new energy,
Its essence and its zeal. 

So Mote It Be 


When I appreciate remarkable people for what they accomplish, it is always best for me to let them know. Thanking you all for the newly refurbished me.

Patient D,


Good afternoon,


I am here to give a "Shout Out" to Cortney Whyte, she has been coming to assist with my sister E. Newton and our sister can be stubborn at times and she can also be lazy. With Cortney's EXCELLENT patience she is helping our family a lot with what to do to help our sister's recovery,  Cortney also takes her time explaining to our sister what she needs to do and why she needs to do it. 


The family is very pleased with Cortney being our sister's physical therapist.  Thank you Cortney for caring and enjoying your work, with a therapist like yourself, it is very comforting to the family and our sister.


Sean, I felt the need to let you know what an excellent employee you have in Cortney Whyte.


A. Campbell (Sally)

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